To the late pregnancy, watching the baby is about to be born, mothers are not particularly looking forward to the arrival of the baby? Mothers to be need to prepare the things they need before delivery, so what should be prepared for cesarean section?

1. Children's clothes, diapers, milk (it's better to have better milk, because it can't be fed a few days before the birth), milk bottles, bottle brushes, wet paper towels, quilts, saliva towels;

2. Clothes that mothers need to change (looser), sanitary napkin, toilet paper, hat, towel, heat preservation cup, straw, slipper, girdle, toiletries, tableware, toilet seat paper;

3. Clothes of accompanying personnel;

4. Remember to bring some daily necessities in the hospital, such as barrels (POTS), pots;

5. Data for childbearing: money, ID card, birth permit, household register;

6. The most important thing is to prepare for childbirth.

What do you need to bring into the delivery room?

You don't need to bring anything, and you need to take off any jewelry. The hospital will prepare a cesarean section pack for you, which is equipped with all the items needed for the cesarean operation.

C&P disposable c-section pack has good protective performance, bacterial isolation, antibacterial and comfort, which can ensure the operation in a sterile and safe environment and help the parturient to deliver successfully.