Before the operation, we should prepare the disposable surgical pack in advance, so how to prepare the spare surgical pack?

1. Surgical drape package: all kinds of sterile surgical drapes shall be complete, clean and dry to ensure the quantity;

2. Surgical gown package: clean, dry and quantity guaranteed;

3. Prepare two double-layer wrap, which shall be clean, dry and complete with normal color;

4. Packing: the tightness is appropriate, and the volume should not exceed 30cm × 30cm × 25cm. The sterilization indicator card should be placed at the central layer of the bag, and the date and the name of the operator should be indicated;

5. Paste "3M" tape on the forming package, and clearly indicate the validity range and name.

When the surgery pack is ready, we can use it directly when we need it.

Note: after each use, the sterilized (or expired surgical pack shall be sterilized again) should be replaced with clean wrap, avoid discoloration of the wrap.