It is an important job for nurses in operating room to open sterile surgical pack . How to open sterile surgical pack?

(1) Before use, the name and validity of surgical drape pack shall be checked, and it is forbidden to use if it expires.

(2) Before unpacking, check whether the sterilization tape is discolored and whether the package is complete. If it is suspected of pollution, it shall not be used.

(3) After opening the disposable surgical pack , if there is water drop or moisture in the bag, it shall be deemed as wet bag, and it is forbidden to use.

(4) Open the inner wrapping cloth in sequence with sterile holding forceps, and check whether the indicator card in the package is qualified.

(5) After the sterile package is opened or used, it cannot be sealed for storage.

Matters needing attention:

(1) Sterile articles and non sterile articles shall be placed separately to make sure that the signs are eye-catching and placed in order and keep the sterile articles dry.

(2) Hand or unsterilized articles shall not cross the sterile area, and the edge of the sterile area shall be regarded as the contaminated area.

(3) When taking sterile articles from a distance, they should be moved together with the sterile holding forceps to minimize the exposure of sterile articles in the air.

(4) When working, face the sterile area, do not shuttle between the two sterile areas, do not face the cough and conversation of sterile articles.

(5) After the sterile cover is put on, it cannot be moved again.

(6) If the sterile package falls to the ground, it shall be regarded as contaminated. If the sterility of the article is suspected, it shall be sterilized again.

Sterility assurance of Hefei C&P Non woven Products Co.,Ltd.

C&P adopts the international sterilization standards ANSI, AAMI, iso7135 and en550, and the sterile products are packaged with special sterilization packages. Each batch of sterilization is checked with chemical indicator. Within a certain period of time, biological indicator is used to maintain the effectiveness of sterilization.