At present, the non-woven fabrics on the market are generally divided into medical non-woven fabrics and ordinary non-woven fabrics. What are the differences between the non-woven fabrics used in hospitals and ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics?

1. Embodiment of bacteriostatic effect

Excellent medical non-woven product generally needs to adopt smmms three-layer melt blown layer structure. The common medical non-woven product in the industry uses short message single-layer melt blown layer structure. Compared with the three-layer structure, the antibacterial performance is better than the single-layer structure. But ordinary non-woven products, which are not for medical use, have no melt blown layer in the middle and can't resist bacteria.

2. Strict quality control

Excellent medical non-woven fabric, the production process needs to pass the ISO13485 international medical product quality control system certification, in the production process every step has real-time online inspection. In this way, we can help each piece of non-woven fabric sent to the hospital have relevant batch test reports. The ordinary non-medical non-woven fabric does not need to reach the medical level.

3 compatibility of multiple sterilization

Excellent medical non-woven fabric needs to be applied to a variety of sterilization methods at the same time. The best three sterilization methods are pressure steam, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide plasma, which can be used at the same time. But ordinary non-medical non-woven fabric can not be sterilized.

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