Disposable Angiography Surgery Drape Pack EO Sterile Angiography Set

Disposable angiography surgical drape pack is light in weight, soft in hand and durable. It is made of an absorbent impermeable material – to help maintain a dry working area and protect the patient,which can effectively prevent bacterial migration and prevent bacterial transmission. Therefore, it is used for one-time protection during the surgery conducted by the department of a medical therapy unit.

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  • Angiography Surgical Pack

  • Angiography Surgical Drape

  • Surgical Gown

  • Back Table Cover

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  • CE&ISO 13485 certificates
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1. We have basic universal pack, U-split sheet, hip pack, knee arthroscopy pack, extremity pack, urinary drape pack, T. U. R. pack, cystoscopy pack, brain-surgery pack, gynecological pack, caesarean pack, lithotomy pack, ophthalmology drape pack.

2. We can produce the drapes with all kinds of wide, color, weight.

3. We can laminate with two or three layers

4. We have assorted production lines

5. Good after sale service. We take care your complaints as we would like to be your long-term supplier!

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